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How Geekdom (& hard work) Wins!!

I find, when it comes to web design, there’s a massive stage where creativity is king and you explore ideas and develop your design. Then you start to code it and things can periodically hit a hiccup but it still goes well because now you’re taking that design and making it happen in your web browser. And then you check the site in other browsers and on other computers.
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Something Special

I absolutely love this photo of a flower I took. Why? Well, it’s a complex answer…
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An Overdo Update

Ok, so it’s been a very long time since I last updated this website. I had used it as a learning experience when I started it and my interest in writing posts for it began to fade but that might be about to change.

In a big way.
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Glee: It’s Ok to Not Cry

So, I saw tonight’s episode of Glee. I haven’t watched the show in a while but it was on in the background and I quickly realized it was dealing with the death of Cory Montieth/Finn.

I thought the episode was very good and very touching right up until the end at which point I have a problem with it. I apologize for being nitpicky about an episode in tribute to a young actor who tragically died far too young but my problem with the episode is worth mentioning, in my opinion. Warning – spoilers to follow.
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Apple’s Announcement Failure

Yesterday, Apple announced their two new iPhones. Since then, reactions have flooded the internet so I figured I’d add my thoughts to the waters.
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Apple’s Big Announcement

Later today, Apple is hosting a big announcement in their town hall meeting center where they are expected to announce their next big thing. Read on to learn some of the specific details.
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The Ultimate Fighter, Season 18

Ronda Rousey. Miesha Tate. One of the best rivalries in all of sports. Two fighters in the UFC who dislike each other, strongly, but who’s stars are brighter because of the rivalry. Now, Dana White, president of the UFC, has put these two incredible women in charge of the teams for this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Oh, it’s going to be a great season!
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