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Something Special

I absolutely love this photo of a flower I took. Why? Well, it’s a complex answer…
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Garden Variety Photos 2

Since my first post of photos of my sister’s beautiful garden was so popular, I figured I’d post a new batch of images from my most recent visit.
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Tracy's Garden

Garden Variety Photos

While not strictly work related, I thought a collection of photos I’ve taken on recent visits to my sister’s place would be a good way to get things rolling. Please enjoy a couple snapshots of just a small portion of her spectacular property.
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Let the Games Begin!

Welcome to Sudden Impact, my effort to share my ever-so-important* thoughts and opinions on the things that interest me. I’ll be discussing movies and TV shows, video games, and other geeky stuff that interests me as well as periodically talking about work-related, which is to say graphic design, topics.
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